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Welcome to Torahimderecheretz.org! As is well known, this famous adage of Torah im Derech Eretz was adopted by Rav Shamshon Rafael Hirsch as a rallying call to connect the eternal unchanging Torah to the Derech Eretz of his time. This ideal however was not and should not be limited to the 1800’s Germany only. It is incumbent on every generation to reassess the Drech Eretz of their times and place it under the microscope of the Torah’s guidance as Rav Schwab Zatza”l said many times.  It is the opinion of this author however that there is no better way of promoting Torah im Derech Eretz than by connecting practical daily life to the Torah Halacha and Hashkafa. Thus the point of this website will be to promote the study and observance of Torah im derech eretz through the promotion of practical Halacha and Hashkafa and links to others who seem to promote this very Holy ideal.

On this website you will find both Halacha and Hashkafic material. The Halachic material will IY”H be updated on an ongoing basis. Mostly you will find ready prepared discussions in English-Hebrew where a short and long version of the Halachos appear for your browsing. For those interested in just a quick Halacha the English will suffice. For those seeking to understand the Halacha in Depth a more detailed Hebrew discussion follows in the footnotes.

The Hashkafic material will follow the Parsha with a special focus on a Medrash or a Mitzva found in that week’s Parsha and its Hashkafic and Halachic aspects with contemporary connections. It is my hope that may we see the raising of this holy ideal back to its proper place among the Jewish people.

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